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Our Planet Earth is the true treasure

Noble craftsmanship, in our opinion, begins with the procurement of high-quality raw materials with a high level of respect for our environment. With our strict standards, we ensure that all of our materials are ethically sourced for people and the environment. In addition to the Kimberley Agreement, we are committed to continuously improving human rights in mining areas by collaborating with local families and traders.

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 Kimberley Agreement

The Kimberley Agreement aims to ensure that no conflict diamonds enter the market. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was established in 2003 and is an international certification system that controls the trade of rough diamonds. More information about the agreement can be found at

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The origin of our precious metals 

We manufacture all of our jewelry using 100% recycled precious metals or precious metals that have been responsibly and ethically sourced to the highest standards. When you commission a piece of jewelry, you can choose from three options for the origin of the materials used.

Fraitrade Gold
Fraitrade Gold
Urban Mining

We manufacture your jewelry from 100% recycled precious metal. With our recycling system, we can process old precious metal resources in a resource-saving way. We buy old jewelry, coins, and bars and separate the materials into their components. Later, the elements are reassembled in the highest quality and form the basis for your piece of jewelry.

Fraitrade Gold
Fraitrade Gold
Fraitrade Gold
Direct Upcycling

You bring your coins, bars, or old jewelry directly to us, and we use your material to create the new piece of jewelry. To meet our high quality standards, we first examine your material. Certain criteria must be met. If there is not enough material, we can supplement it with material from our inventory.

Fraitrade Gold
Fraitrade Gold
River Gold

Gold panning has a long tradition in Germany as well. However, gold mining in German rivers is expensive. The gold particles are tiny, and about a ton of sand must be filtered to extract a few milligrams of gold. In this case, the gold obtained here is a by-product of a gravel plant. The gold comes from the rivers Rhine, Elbe, and Isar. This method of gold mining combines 100% local and ecological production with a strong history. Who has jewelry made of German river gold?

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